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About Counselling

Counselling and Psychotherapy help people with a wide range of Psychological issues to cope, better understand and to improve their individual psychological wellbeing. Counselling and Psychotherapy allow a space for people to discuss, express and explore their thoughts, feelings and issues in a safe and confidential environment.

This can provide a useful and reflective opportunity for people who are seeking change. Providing a regular, safe and non-judgemental space to address and explore any difficult, painful, confusing thoughts, feelings and experiences. Helping to increase personal insights, self awareness and self understanding thus realising and releasing your potential.

Counselling and Psychotherapy is an active process one in which new perspectives can be gleaned, actions and practices can be used for changed, it can also provide a framework to become better educated on issues related to mental and emotional well-being.

We can go through life, never having felt very valued, heard, understood or accepted. Others conditions, wishes, hopes and expectations can become muddled with our own. Our relationships dont always work out with others as well as we may like them to. Even more importantly our relationship with ourselves.People who care for us may see us a projection of their needs and problems and likewise we may do the same with others.

"A good therapist is somebody who is warm, caring, empathic and a knowledgeable person. A person who knows how to interact with a client in a healing way".

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What are the benefits?...

  • Increase in understanding and self awareness

  • Improved personal relationships

  • Develop your own potential

  • Create Opportunities

  • A change in perspective

  • Improved self esteem and self confidence

  • Emotional Competence

  • Healing of past or current wounds

  • Improved Self Expression

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'Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you' - Sartre

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